L’ art du goût, le goût de l’art

Une exposition au château de Léméré

L’art du goût, le goût de l’art  (Art of taste, Taste of art)

du 4 avril au 1er novembre 2020

Château du Rivau
Rue du Château
37120 Lémeré


Catalog on line: https://www.chateaudurivau.com/img/pdf/expo-rivau-2020-catalogue.pdf

« The title of the exhibition refers to “Taste” as both an aesthetic inclination and a recognisable flavour, to show the link between between the art of representing food and the creative techniques used by cooks.
Over forty established or emerging artists invite you to taste their artwork with your eyes, whether they represent everyday food or food for the soul.

Pleasure drink or forbidden fruit, delicacy or junk-food, edible vegetables, dinner table art, rites of hospitality are all put into various forms by the artists, be it still-life painting, princely feasts, family meals, or luncheons on the grass revisit- ing the historical tradition of still-life painting » Patricia Laigneau

Photo: Armelle Blary- Nous deux (The two of us) 2019


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